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Google Ads can be a very powerful marketing channel for growing your business, but this concept only holds true if you have someone managing your campaigns correctly. We understand that not every business can hire a Google Ads expert or even a team of experienced marketers, and this is where we step into the picture. Leverage our marketing experience and we will work side by side with you and your business to drive the results you need from your paid search endeavors.

Our team will work directly with you to determine optimal strategies that not only lower your cost per click (CPC) across your campaigns, but also increase your click-through rate (CTR) and drive more conversions. We also make it a point to analyze competing brands in an effort to help you stay a few steps ahead of these competitors on the trail that leads to digital success and increased sales.  

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Why You Need To Utilize Google Ads For Your Business

What do you do before making most of your purchasing decisions? You, like so many others, most likely turn to the Internet to look up the business or product in question beforehand. Google is the most used search engine in the world, so ensuring your product or service is front and center on this platform is paramount. Failing to understand this is a great way to guarantee that your ads never end up above your competitors and in view of countless potential customers on important search engine results pages (SERPs).

In fact, with Google changing the layout of their results pages, you now see more ads than ever before. With mobile device usage also surpassing desktop, the four ad slots take up a lot of screen real estate and capture the eyes of your potential customers. Not interested in squandering this golden opportunity? Then let us help you put your product or service in front of those searchers so they can become satisfied customers.  

Why Hire Us As Your PPC Marketing Agency?

Access To Dedicated PPC Specialists

By allowing us to guide you along the path that leads to PPC success for your business, you can take comfort in the fact that you will always have direct contact with the person working on your account. This means no more having to go through countless account reps who serve as nothing more than unnecessary middle men.

As your pay per click (PPC) marketing agency, we provide you with a single person who will be your main point of contact to manage your accounts and answer all of your marketing and paid advertising questions.

We take this personal approach with all of our PPC clients, thereby allowing our team of experts to get to know your business inside and out, as well as fully understand your individual needs.  

100% Transparancy

With New Trail Marketing, you not only have full administrative access to your Google Ads PPC account, you also own it. The same holds true for your Google Analytics account, and if you do not already have one, we would be more than happy to set this vital asset up on your behalf and give you full access to it.

This approach stands in stark contrast to other PPC agencies that refuse to give you access to these accounts, all while hiding behind dubious clams of “trade secrets.” We would rather forge our own trail built around full transparency for our PPC customers, which in turn empowers you with a comprehensive understanding of how we come to crucial decisions related to your marketing strategy.

Our Focus On Managing Your Google Ads Account

  • Ad group segmentation
  • Keyword targeting expansion
  • Continuous monitoring for negative keywords
  • Multiple ad variations for split testing in all ad groups
  • Geographic targeting based on your business & customer location
  • Continuous competitor insights
  • In-depth reporting with full access to your account
  • Audience targeting & custom audience creation
  • Hour/day/week targeting with bid modifications
  • Demographic targeting by age, household income, and more
  • Full use and testing of various ad extensions
  • Ongoing bid optimization
  • Conversion improvement suggestions for your website
  • Direct calls from ads conversion tracking

Our Google Ads PPC Management Process


Get To Know Your Personal Google Ads PPC Marketing Specialist

You will have the pleasure of working directly with a team member who has extensive knowledge and understanding of advanced search engine marketing. Each member of our team is trained and certified on the Google Ads platform, so you can count on the fact that you are working hand in hand with the expert who oversees all of the adjustments related to your Google Ads account.  

Identify And Target Keyword Opportunities For Your Business

During the onboarding process, we will dive into your business, its marketing goals, and core objectives. Doing so allows us to target the opportunities that will help meet and exceed these marketing goals and objectives. Additionally, we likewise research keywords and measure the potential traffic, competition, and cost for your Google Ads advertising operations.

Campaign Strategy, Layout, & Creation

Once we have determined the exact type of search queries worth targeting on behalf of your businesss, we then lay out the blueprint for your account. Proper account setup and organization is crucial for ensuring the correct keyword targeting and segmentation. From here, your targeted keywords will match the optimized and tested ads we create to ensure that the user is shown exactly what he or she is looking for within their search activity on Google.


Ad  & Extension Creation

Our team creates multiple variations of ads for each of your campaigns and ad groups. Which ad type we use will depend on the strategy we have developed for you. After this point, we then create every possible ad extension we can use within your account to maximize the space your ad takes up on the screen and to also entice the user to click on your ad. 

Account Monitoring & Optimization

Your Google Ads marketing specialist will monitor your account daily and make any necessary adjustments to ensure we are maximizing the impact of your valuable marketing dollars. We will also engage in split testing and create new ads each month as way to drive up your CTR, raise quality scores, and even lower your CPCs.  

Google Ads Reporting And Direct Communication

We compile and deliver an extensive monthly report for you and your team to review as part of our commitment to both results and transparency. Along with this vital window into the inner workings of the PPC management we engage in on behalf of your business, you will also have direct access to daily stats for your Google Ads advertising campaigns. A monthly phone call is also available to discuss these results, as well as develop any new strategies to implement within your Google Ads campaigns.

Where We See Other PPC Agencies Fail

Google Ads can be a potent way to grow your business. However, it is also a great way to waste your marketing budget if you do not have your campaigns set up and managed properly. Here are just a few ways we have seen other PPC agencies waste the valuable marketing dollars of their clients.

Improper Keywords

Targeting more keywords is not the path that leads to better results. Instead, it is a dead end that does nothing more than waste your advertising dollars. Ensure your campaigns are targeting the keywords that convert, and that your ad copy matches. Setting negative keywords is just as important, because why should you ever spend money on searches that do not pertain to your product or service?

Generic Ad Copy

Ad copy should be changed and tested on a monthly basis; this is the only way you can determine what is working for your brand and what is not. Using generic ads, like those employed by your competitors, can harm your quality scores and end up costing you more money down the road. Help lower your CPCs with ads that receive a higher CTR and optimize every dime of your vital marketing budget.

Inaccurate Targeting

For any business that is running Google Ads, which audiences and locations you target is crucial to your bottom line. If you are a local business, you should only target people in your geographic area. If your ideal shopper is above a certain age, why are you targeting a younger audience? In other words, working with an agency that can target your preferred viewers with surgical precision is beyond essential.

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