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Microsoft Advertising Paid Search Marketing

Microsoft Advertising is owned by Microsoft, allowing you to advertise your services and products on this substantial platform. Of course, the Microsoft Advertising platform is underutilized by many brands due to it not having anywhere near the same amount of users as what is found on Google. Despite this fact, just because Microsoft is not the biggest dog in the fight does not mean you should ignore this advertising channel. Instead, you should embrace it and the opportunity to advertise in front of an audience that your competitors have probably been ignoring this whole time.

Additionally, Microsoft Advertising provides exceptionally powerful targeting and segmentation options for a fraction of the cost of advertising on the Google Ads platform. When paired with the aforementioned lack of competition, it is safe to say that maximizing your impact on the Microsoft Advertising platform is a golden opportunity to generate more revenue for your business.

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Why You Should Advertise With Microsoft Advertising

Like Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising allows you to advertise to  searchers who fit within your targeting criteria. The biggest difference here is the cost, and that is due to Microsoft having less users and less competition bidding against you. While this may sound like an indictment of Microsoft Advertising and its ability to be beneficial to your organization’s advertising efforts, the reality of the situation is actually the opposite.

Reach your untapped audience with little competition from your competitors on the Microsoft Advertising network and fulfill your end goal of making sales and leads at a profit. Microsoft has an older base of users, so if these are your ideal customers why not take this opportunity to advertise directly to them?

We will build powerful Microsoft Advertising campaigns with your advertising and branding goals in mind.

Why Hire Us As Your Microsoft Advertising PPC Marketing Agency?

When you hire New Trail Marketing to manage your Microsoft Advertising PPC campaigns, you can take comfort in the fact that you can always communicate directly with the team member who works within your account. While other PPC agencies have no problem going down the wrong path on this front, we do not believe in bogging down this important process with unnecessary middle men and untrained account reps. Know firsthand you are working with a certified Microsoft Advertising expert when the time comes to change and optimize your ad campaigns on this platform.

Furthermore, this dedicated expert will serve as your main point of contact to answer all of your questions related to internet marketing. This person will also collaborate daily with the rest of our team to bring new strategies, advertising methods, and any new Microsoft Advertising platform changes to your attention.

As a certified Microsoft Advertising agency, we believe in taking the personal approach with each of our PPC clients as a way to get to know your needs, become an integral part of your marketing process, and ensure that we never leave any opportunities for growth unexplored on the trail that leads to even more success for your business.

You probably already know by now, but we believe wholeheartedly in 100% transparency throughout each step of the PPC campaign management process. Unlike other Microsoft Advertising agencies who hold your accounts hostage via claims of “trade secrets” and other dubious tactics, you will always own your account and have full access to it at all times when dealing with New Trail Marketing. 

During your monthly strategy review call, we also make it a point to log directly into your Microsoft Advertising account and show you exactly what it is we are doing and provide you with an in-depth look at the results we have generated for your business. From here, we make recommendations regarding potential changes, as well as formulate new strategies that aim to pull market share away from your competitors.

To sum it all up, our primary goal is to become an extension of your business and do what is right for you and your team. Our marketing knowledge and results will speak for themselves when you begin working with us, so give us a chance to show you exactly why the team of seasoned experts here at New Trail Marketing stand above the rest when it comes to extracting all of the latent potential found within the Microsoft Advertising ecosystem.

How We Manage Your Microsoft Advertising PPC Account

  • Ad group segmentation
  • Keyword targeting expansion
  • Continuous monitoring for negative keywords
  • Multiple ad variations for split testing in all ad groups
  • Geographic targeting based on your business & customer location
  • Continuous competitor insights
  • In-depth reporting with full access to your Microsoft Advertising account
  • Audience targeting & custom audience creation
  • Hour/Day/Week targeting with bid modifications
  • Demographic targeting by age, household income, and more
  • Full use and testing of various ad extensions
  • Ongoing bid optimization
  • Conversion improvement suggestions for your website
  • Direct calls from ads conversion tracking

Our Microsoft Advertising PPC Management Process

Microsoft Advertising Marketing Specialist

You will be introduced to and work directly with a member of our team who is certified on the Microsoft Advertising platform. This way, you can take confidence in the fact that you are working exclusively with the person who is actively optimizing your Microsoft Advertising account.

Target The Right Opportunities

Our onboarding process allows us to learn about your business trends, marketing goals, and other objectives you hope to achieve with your advertising. After this, we then determine which potential keywords we will target, along with any necessary audience or demographic segmentations.

Campaign Strategy & Creation

After we have determined our targeting opportunities, our team sketches out and lays the foundation for your Microsoft Advertising account. This step is crucial and requires ensuring that the keywords we bid on match our ad copy and your landing pages.

Ad & Extension Creation

We create numerous variations of your ads for each ad group for split testing purposes. This integral undertaking allows us to determine which ad copy variants work best. We also create every ad extension possible within your Microsoft Advertising account to maximize the effectiveness of your ads.

Account Monitoring & Optimization

Your Microsoft Advertising specialist will monitor your account, all while making the needed adjustments to ensure we are getting the most out of your advertising budget. Unlike some of our competitors, we never "set it and forget it."

Reporting & Direct Communication

You will receive an extensive monthly Microsoft Advertising report, in addition to a monthly phone call to discuss these results. During this call we will also discuss any new strategies we wish to implement, along with a review of the latest new Microsoft Advertising features.

Where We See Other Microsoft Advertising Agencies Fail

Microsoft Advertising truly is an untapped search marketing channel that far too many businesses tend to ignore. It can also be a waste of your advertising budget if your account is not set up and managed properly. Here are just a few of the things we see other Microsoft Advertising agencies doing that end up being nothing more than a waste of money.

Ineffectual Keywords

Targeting more keywords does not pave the way to better results. In fact, This is how you end up wasting your advertising dollars. Ensure your campaigns target the keywords that convert and that your ad copy matches. Setting negative keywords is just as important; why would you ever want to spend money on searches that do not pertain to your product or service?

Generic Ad Copy

Ad copy should be changed and tested on a monthly basis. Otherwise, you really have no way of determining what is working and what is not within your campaign. Using generic ads, like your competitors, will do more harm to your quality score and end up costing you more money. Help lower your cost per click (CPC) with ads that receive a higher click-through rate (CTR).

Poor Targeting

For any business that leverages Microsoft Advertising, which audiences and locations you target are crucial to bolstering your bottom line. If you are a local business, you should only target people located in your immediate geographic area. Likewise, if your shopper is above a certain age, why should you target a younger audience? These are just a few examples of poor targeting efforts in action.

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